Gregory M. d`Arbonne (Lt Col, USA Retired
Public Relations Team Leader

​Arthur J. Harvey
Legislative Team Leader
Nominations & Election Team Leader

The following individuals are members of the Special Events Teams

Core Team Members
Gregory M. d`Arbonne

James Gaudet

Doris Parr, ISP®

David Michael Anastasi
Phil Brophy
Arthur J. Harvey
Thomas R. Reilly, CPP®

The Support Team
Michael A. Art

David M. Anastasi
Program Team Leader

Team Leadership Opportunities & Challenges are Available

WebMaster - Administers the website and grants web access to officers and committee chairs to update (through) the WebMaster/Builder those pages that affect their role and responsibilities.  Coordinates with the treasurer to ensure annual website fees and paid on time to keep the site running without any interruption.

Web Builder - Maintains and updates the content of the website and seeks ways to enhance the Chapter's web presence to better serve the membership.  On a regular basis gathers and organizes information from Chapter officers and committee chairs.  Updates the website at least on a by-weekly basis.  Trains others how to make inputs under guidance and supervision.  Works with the website provider to assure the operational and maintenance status of the website is in tact.  Briefs the executive board on website successes and problems areas.  Works with the leadership team to problem-solve website issues.  Maintains an album of photographs for the website and the newsletter and other publications.

Newsletter Editor - Manages, produces and distributes the monthly newsletter by submitting the final approved copy to the Secretary for distribution to the membership and the WebMaster, who will insert the newsletter in the website.  The Newsletter Editor maintains oversight and edit inputs given by others, writes independent articles or drafts inputs in concert with other team leaders.

Sponsorship & Public Relations Team Leader - Seeks donations from corporations, institutions, other not-for-profit organizations and private donors to support general Chapter activities as well as raising revenue to support special events.  Identifies sponsors including security vendors to display their products at regular meetings and at other exhibits.  Provides the Web Builder advertisement proofs for placement in the website, newsletter and other publications.  Keeps a log of sponsors with contact information, and collaborates with each sponsor to renew their Sponsorship Alliance Agreement.  Establishes and maintains relationships with local TV stations, newspapers and other media to promote Chapter activities and special events.  Seeks complimentary advertisement and works hand in-hand with other team leaders to promote their activities.  Collaborates with the Chapter Chair and Vice Chair to communicate to the public, businesses and other not-for-profit organizations about ASIS and Chapter goals, objectives and performance.  Briefs interested organizations (chiefs of police, FBI, majors, city councils, chamber of commerce).  Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Program Team Leader - Plans, coordinates and directs the scheduling of Chapter meetings and manages the guest speaker program and speaker relations.  Collaborates with other team leaders to seek candidate speakers, vets speakers and selects those who are the most dynamic presenters for Chapter programs.  Orders food and refreshments for meetings and other events.  Collaborates with the Chair and Vice Chair to plan educational programs, seminars, networking sessions and social events.  Develops program calendar of events; provides monthly upcoming event inputs to the Web Builder and Newsletter Editor, including speaker's bio and photo.  Surveys members annually to determine interests and identify relevant topics for Chapter meetings/events.  Works hand-in-hand with other team members to promote exhibits and special events and participate in their planning. Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website

Special Events Team Leader - Serves as the Chapter's primary point of contact for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical responders, and the military; promotes private and public partnerships and information sharing with these entities; plans, coordinates and directs  assists the Program Team Leader with the planning of appreciation/recognition programs and other special events; promotes ASIS International to law enforcement professionals.  Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Sergeant at Arm - Supports host in setting up the reception station and display table.  When required, coordinates with the Program Team Leader in directing the caterer where to set up and on special occasions, and instructors vendors where to setup display tables.  Greets members and guests; collaborates with the Program Team Leader to verify advanced payment or need to collects registration fees at the door; have members and guests sign register and issue ASIS badges; serves as time keeper and enforces Chapter rules and regulations.  At adjournment, collects all inventories and accounts for all monies and sign-in register and gives all items to the host.

Certification & Education Team Leader - Helps members to advance their professional skill-sets and and promotes ASIS certification to all interested members.  Plans, develops administers and in concert with other CPPs conduct Chapter certification review programs, assists certification candidates with the certification application and exam scheduling process.  Periodically provides the Web Builder and Newsletter Editor specific certification news.  Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

ASIS Women in Security (WIS) Team Leader - Identifies and recruits female members into the WIS group.  Collaborates with the Chair and Vice Chair to plan and coordinate WIS social and networking events for the WIS group.  Works hand-in-hand with the Program Team Leader and Special Events Team Leader to develop WIS related educational sessions (leadership development, career services, etc.).   Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website

ASIS Young Professional (YP) Team Leader- Identifies and recruits individuals in the YP age group to join the initiative; plans and coordinates YP social and networking events for the YP group; works with the Chapter Program Event Chair to develop YP related educational sessions (leadership development, career services, etc.)  Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Council Liaison Team Leader - Preferably a current member of an ASIS Council.  Stays informed of latest council news and initiatives.  Reports relevant developments to Chapter membership at the monthly meetings or through the Chapter newsletter/website.  Promotes council membership to other Chapter members.   Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Mentorship Team Leader - Develops and manages the Chapter's mentoring security leaders programs using the resources developed by the ASIS Leadership and Management Practices Council.  Identifies mentors and proteges to take part in the program; assist mentors and proteges with necessary program documentation and evaluation forms.  Reports to the membership at the monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Military Liaison Team Leader - Identifies and recruit military personnel for ASIS membership; works with the Program Team Leader and Special Events Team Leader to develop military/public to private transition relevant educational sessions; assists with identifying mentors/proteges to participate in the mentoring program.  Reports to the membership at the monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Placement Team Leader - Assists members seeking employment; identifies members willing to advise others on job searches, interview techniques, and other means.  Identifies members willing to help others develop resumes.  Collaborates with the Program Team Leader to develop seminars on career development and resume preparation instruction.  Reports to Chapter membership at monthly meetings or through the Chapter newsletter/website

ASIS Foundation Team Leader - Serves as the point of contact for the ASIS Foundation.  Promotes foundation scholarships and awards to members.  Helps the Chair and Vice Chair manage the submission of nomination forms and paper work for Foundation Scholarships.  Manages Chapter donations to the ASIS Foundation.  Periodically provides the newsletter editor articles and information about the ASIS Foundation.  Reports to the membership at monthly meetings or through the newsletter/website.

Photographer - Takes pictures at meetings, special events and exhibits as requested by the Program Team Leader or Special Events Team Leader.

NOTE:  Team Leadership positions highlighted in black indicate these positions that are currently filled.  See "About Us" page for Incumbents.

If you are interested in joining the team please, click here.  Thank you! ​​

Our Team Leaders and Team Members Serving Your Chapter

​Doris Parr, ISP®

Web Builder

The ASIS Granite State Chapter is proud to be a team-building organization.  We believe collaboration, coordination and cooperation are key elements of success.  We strive to build team-skills as well as integrating Total Quality Management techniques in everything we do.  Join the team, if you can!

Gregory M. d`Arbonne

Vice President, Business Development, Sales & Marketing

TerraTracker Corporation

Michael A. Art

Team Leader, Women in Service

Jim Gaudet
Sergeant at Arms &
Special Events Team Leader

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