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Your gift is tax deductible to the full extend of the law

Developing a Strategic Alliance with Corporations,

Not-for-Profit Organizations, Community Agencies , and

​Individuals to Establish Sponsorship Opportunities

The Granite State Chapter 101 of ASIS International is a not-for-profit organization seeking to establish a ground-up strategic alliance with businesses, other not-for-profit organizations, community agencies and private donors through out the State of New Hampshire to build and promote a meaningful voice about the security and law enforcement professions, both public and private.  ASISgranitestate.org is the official web site of the Chapter and is used as a primary communications medium to keep the Chapter's membership base, leadership and subscriber base of New England security professionals connected to Chapter events and industry news.

Our web site also features the electronic version of our newsletter - The Granite State Chronicle - which is read by thousands of guests on line per monthly issue.  Our site has been generating an average of 3,000 hits monthly due to regular broadcasts of Chapter events, career postings, CPP course offerings, and other industry news.  The Chapter web site is used as the online registration and information center for ASIS monthly sessions, seminars, workshops and other special gatherings that we host.  The website and newsletter offer an excellent marketing opportunity that allows your organization to reach a well defined demographic.

As a State Chapter representingASIS International- the largest security professional organization with more than 35,000 members worldwide, our overarching strategic vision is to create a standing Sponsorship and Public Relations Team dedicated to developing a public-private strategic partnership to carry out the Executive Board's vision through these nine education goals.

  • Foster strategic partnershipsamongst law enforcement, business enterprises, private security and the community by establishing an exchange program with chief executives and extend an invitation to the public to attend special events such as Open House, Appreciation Night Awards Program and other events.

  • To speak at various private and public forumson the benefits and importance of the Chapter's brand, image, reputation and mission as a highly professional not-for-profit security association.

  • Recognize law enforcement, security, firefighter and emergency medical responders for their outstanding service to the community and exceptional performance in the line of duty.

  • Promote an exchange of ideas and information between businesses, community agencies and Chapter officers so we may enhance the benefits of our membership.

  • Establish a solid long-term relationship with media outlets so we may bring Chapter programs and activities to the attention of business enterprises, community groups and university campuses, and other entities.

  • Establish an outreach program to the surrounding colleges and universities that offer law enforcement and security curriculums and related studies to advise students of the benefits of examining the various certification credentials available that may enhance their choice of career path.

  • Expand our capability to reach out to our members living great distances from our base of operations and those retired or disabled, and otherwise cannot travel, attend and participate in any manner in Chapter activities by embracing technology for virtual gatherings, thereby offering our members greater opportunities to attend and participate in Chapter meetings and other special functions.

  • Create opportunities to enhance the performance proficiency of our members by promoting exceptional relevant professional development opportunities that advance their professional competency.

  • Seek donations from corporations, not-for-profit organizations, community groups and individual donorsto support the ASIS Foundation Scholarship and Awards, Chapter operations and special events.

  • Carve out a continuous improvement process to measure the successful accomplishmentsof the Chapter and how business enterprises and community groups benefits from these experiences.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Businesses, Community Groups & Other Not-For-Profit Organizations

To build support in transferring this strategic vision into actionable results that have meaning and value to businesses, we invite corporations, not-for-profit organizations, community groups and individuals to join this Alliance.  The Chapter offers three tiers of sponsorship: Platinum ($1,000), Gold ($500) and Silver ($250) donations.  Your contribution offers your entity the opportunity to market its products and services, or even a personal message in our Chapter website and newsletter for one year.  That means you can display your message for 12 months on our website, and 10 months in our newsletter.

  • A Platinum donation gives you a full page of advertisement (approximately 6 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches)
  • A Gold donation gives you a half a page of advertisement (approximately 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches)
  • A Silver donation gives you a 1/4 page of advertisement (approximately 4 1/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches

Your generous gift will bring much-needed support to carry out our philanthropic and volunteer work. 

For a small gift of $150 you can reserve a display area for your company at one of our meetings, by mutual appointment.  What better way to get recognition for your product lines and services while helping a worthy Granite State Chapter 101 program!

As an Individual Donor You Can Also Partner With Us

For an individual donor, we offer a Bronze donation ($50), which gives you the opportunity to display your business card or a personal message on our website, also for 12 months, and for 10 months in our newsletter.

Benefits of Joining the Chapter Sponsorship Alliance

By joining this partnership, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and community agencies will realize these significant benefits:

  • A marketing opportunity to present products and services to businesses at a reasonable investment.
  • A means of having direct access to a diverse readership that routinely has an interest in security products and services.
  • Your message will reach out to all New England security professionals including their chief executives and senior management staff. Chiefs of police, Homeland Security decision-makers, design and engineering firms, security system integrators and installation contractors across a wide spectrum of business enterprises are part of our network family.  These business segments encompass banking and financial institutions; the defense industrial base; high-tech manufacturing; research and development centers; hospitality, entertainment and aviation; nuclear power, pipelines, gas and oil and water utilities; public health and medical centers; telecommunications and networks; and university compuses and educational institutions, and so many more small business enterprises.

As an individual donor, your gift will go a long way toward helping us carry out our philanthropic and volunteer work.  Together, individuals like you can make a big difference.  What better way to get your name or even your small business enterprise listed while helping a worthy Granite State Chapter 101 program!

A Special Bonus for Everyone

Our Calendar Page announces the Chapter's 40th Anniversary.  We are celebrating our success story by recognizing the outstanding service and exceptional performance of our law enforcement community.  We invite you to register for this special event and join us in honoring those who place themselves in harm's way to protect and service their communities and America.  All sponsors who join our program will be listed in the Law Enforcement Appreciation  Night program.

​​Join Us In Celebrating Law Enforcement Excellence!

Program Safeguards & Protection Are At Your Service

Private Donations - Friends of The Chapter

If you prefer not to participate the partnership program, but want to give a private donation, you can do so simply by writing a check in the amount of $50, $100, or more.   Please make your check payable to The Granite State Chapter 101.   Mail your gift to John Sullivant, Chair ASIS International Granite State Chapter 101, 45 Dublin Ave, Nashua, NH 03063.

Select The Marketing Strategy That Best Suits Your Budget & Business Needs

It's That Easy

You have program safeguards no other similar marketing plan has to offer:

  • The partnership runs on an annual basis from January 1 to December 31.

  • You may sign up anytime during the year and we will prorate your payment so your renewal starts in January of the next year.

  • We realize that seasonal messages attract buyer interest, and that products and services frequently change to meet market demands.  You may update your advertisement message any time and as often as you desire, without any additional cost.  You only need to provide us a new .jpg file.  Its that easy to stay up to date.

  • If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel your advertisement at anytime without penalty, by giving us 30-day written notice.  We will refund your investment on a prorated bases for the months remaining on your advertisement schedule.

ASIS Granite State Chapter 101

As a Gold Donator,

sign up here ($500)​​

As a Silver Donator,

sign up here:($250)​​

It only takes a few minutes to become a partner.  Its really easy!   To initiate an advertising order please select Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bonze from the choices to the right, whichever suits your market strategy and supports your budget.  Your advertisement, message or business card may be horizontal or vertical to suit your desired layout and customize your order.  When you complete your registration send John Sullivant, our Granite State Chapter Chair, a clear color or black ad white .jpg file of your advertisement, personal message or business card, and we will do the rest.  We will contact you to confirm the placement of your order and advise you when your advertisement, personal message or business card will be posted to the web site and newsletter.

Should you have any questions, before you sign up, please contact John Sullivant.

As a Bronze Donator,

sign up here: ($50)​​

The Sponsorship page is under development

The Sponsorship Alliance Program

As a Platinum Donator,

sign up here: ($1,000)​​

The Granite State Chapter celebrates its 40th Anniversary

The Sponsorship & Public Relations Program

Jonathan Robert Wellington is the Team Leader of The Sponsorship and Public Relations Program. Please contact jon.wellington@pega.com if you have any questions regarding this program.