ASIS Book Review

Building a Corporate Culture of Security: Strategies for Strengthening Organizational Resiliency

By John Sullivant

Reviewed by Mark H. Beaudry, PhD, CPP

Author's Corner


  • Building a Corporate Culture of Security: Strategies for Strengthening Organizational Resiliency, Butterworth Heinemann, Boston 2016
  • Strategies for Protecting Telecommunications (Chapter Contributor) Science and Technology Handbook, John Wiley & Sons, NJ 2009
  • Strategies for Protecting National Critical Infrastructure Assets: A Focus on Problem-Solving, John Wiley & Sons, NJ 2007


  • Business Continuity Problems, Risk Mitigation Executive, 2005
  • It Starts with the C-Level, Risk Mitigation Executive, 2005
  • Managing Successful Project Planning, Security Management, 1999
  • Are You on The Dark Side of Management, Security Management, 1998
  • Is The Country Prepared for Today's Threat?, Security Management, 1996
  • An Overview of The Explosives Terrorist Threat, Security Management, 1995​

ASIS Granite State Chapter 101

Well-written and informative, this interesting book contains ample appendices and provides a wealth of reference and background material.  Available in both e-book and paperback formats, it is a natural choice for academic courses in both undergraduate and graduate security studies programs.

ASIS Boston Membership Chairperson
Dr. Mark H. Beaudry, CPP, is a frequent contributor to The Security Beacon

John Sullivant is a senior executive security consultant who holds six national certification standings: CPP, CSC, CFC, CHS-IV, CNTA and RAM-W.  He is a distinguished Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, with five decades of security management leadership and senior consulting experience.  John Sullivant is the founder and President of The Serras Group.  Contact Information:(  



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Security consultant and author John Sullivant superbly covers everything from A-Z in this test providing proven strategies for improving organizational resilience and converting risks and thats into security solutions.  A well-known author and frequent contributor to the ASIS International magazine, Security Management, Sullivant provides a detailed laundry list of actions and intersperses them with his own experiences as a security professional with skills in commercial and governmental management and consulting.  Unfortunately, the publisher chose to condense the test material too tightly and did not allow for a good flow of information from one topic to the next.  The editor should have added more spacing to allow the reader to easily digest and transition between topics.

Sullivant provides an excellent management perspective of the gaps senior security professionals typically miss when developing an organization from the ground up.  He also provides some very good advice on the "how to" perspective when working with peers and executives.  This book on organizational security covers a variety of relevant material for anyone that is interested in the subject, as well as any manager willing to undertake an internal review of their organization (or justify use of a consultant) and identify the gaps that may need to be improved.  Sullivant performs a deep dive into the critical aspects of resiliency, building a corporate security culture, and the future of professional security.

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