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A Message from the Chairperson

The Granite State Website and the Granite State Chronicle Newsletter offer valuable information to each member and all our friends on current events and future activities.  Both publications offer users a direct avenue to communicate with the Chapter leadership team and between peers and colleagues.

Both publications have just received a new "face" as we are continuously update the format and presentation to be more attractive.

Our goal is to update the website on a weekly basis, but occasionally it might be bi-weekly.  Make sure you visit the site frequently so you may keep up with the latest news.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and always be safe.  See everything at our September 6, 2017 meeting

John Sullivant

ASIS International Granite State Chapter Chair​

The Granite State Chapter ​​​is comprised of 88 security professionals specializing in the private and public sectors in security, law enforcement, security-safety related disciplines and emergency responders.  Members have a broad base of expertise in Agriculture & Food, Banking & Financial Institutions, Commercial Business Services, Chemical Manufacturing, Defense Production, Government & Law Enforcement, Hospitality & Entertainment, Civil Aviation & Transportation, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Medical Centers & Research Laboratories, Telecommunications, University Campuses & Educational Institutions, Power Plants, Pipelines, Gas & Oil, Water Utilities, and many more public and private critical infrastructure sectors.  The Granite State Website serves as a resource for ASIS International, Chapter members, the public, businesses and our sponsors.

​​​ASIS International  was founded in 1955 with the aim of professionalizing the newly emerging field of industrial security.  Originally known as the American Society for Industrial Security, the national organization sought to "unite security practitioners and become a focal point for security education, research and professional development".  The society has grown to be a global community of security processionals, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets - people, property and information.  Today ASIS International is the largest professional security organization in the world - with 35,000 members comprising public and private security and law enforcement practitioners, including managers and directors of security and law enforcement, operations, programs and training.  In addition, corporate executives and business managers, as well as consultants, architects, attorneys, judges, university professors and training academy intructors, and agencies such as Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the FBI, including the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Commerce and numerious other agencies, as well as state police and local law enforcement are associated and involved with ASIS to better understand the constant changes that prevail in security and enforcement issues and solutions, worldwide.

Special Announcement!

The Granite State Chapter receives an Honorable Mention Award from ASIS International for the 2017 Chapter Website of the Year Award competition

A Big Thank You to the Chapter Leadership Team for Making This Happen!

Upcoming Events . . .

October 4, 2017

Guest Speaker: Stephen Riggins, U.S. Postal Inspector

Topic: Mail Fraud

November 1, 2017

Guest Speaker: Greg M. d` Arbonne, Vice President, Business Development, TerraTracker

​Topic:  Radiological Hazards & Dirty Basics

December 6, 2017

Christmas Party

More Information to Come

January 3, 2018

​Guest Speaker: Alexander A. Miris, Resident Agent in Charge, Manchester, Department of Homeland Security

​Topic: Shielding America

​February  1, 2018

Guest Speaker:  Patricia Stolarz, Station Manager, American Medical Response, Nashua, NH

Topic: The Three Killers!

March 7, 2018

Guest Speaker: To be announced

Topic: Food & Agriculute Security

Put these dates on your calendar!


More Information

The 2018 Calendar of Events ​is being developed.  Look for it in our  January 2018 Newsletter

The Chapter Special Events Team held its first meeting in early August of this year to start planning for 2018 Appreciation Night, currently scheduled for May 2018.  The team will provide regular updates on its progress through the monthly Chronicle, social media, news releases and the web site.

For more information about Appreciation Night or wanting to join the team, please contact Jim Gaudet our team leader.

The Granite State Chapter celebrated its 40th Anniversary

On May 4, 2017 

We are holding our 2nd Chapter Appreciation Night in May 2018.  For our 2nd Annual appreciation night we are honoring law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical responders and the military.  And, the event will be open to the public

The event will take place the first week in May and a final date will be announced in the very near future.

Please put this Special Event on your calendar!

ASIS Granite State Chapter 101

Welcome to the Granite State Chapter 101 of ASIS International

Ethics and integrity are the hallmarks of our profession